Top 5 Most Popular Tracks August 2022

Tykkimaki Kouvola

Tykkimaki Kouvola Tarmac layout used for drifting and karting.Semi-Fictional Track from Automobilista. While Kouvola Circuit does exist in real life, and is used for Rallycross, Drifting and Karting, this version…

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Tsukuba Fruits Line

Tsukuba Fruits Line A fantastic touge road makes for great tandems. Version 1.3 Tsukuba Fruits Line Track 8 Different Layouts 2 Additional Season Track skins CSP Config Credits: Euro and…

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ADC Klutch Kickers Drifters Paradise

ADC Klutch Kickers Drifters Paradise Credits: Aussie Drift Co. Download Now Track Showcase

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