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Smotland A simple and short track that is easy to master even for entry level drifters. CSP-ready: lights, grass, and water included. Credits: Sharpz Download Now Track Showcase

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Ebisu Nisihi

Ebisu Nishi -Ebisu Nishi- 3 layouts  Nishi G1GP  Nishi Short  Nishi  I felt the community needed a new version with a better short course layout.  Credits: Yooper Loop Download Now…

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Almoneye’s DoorTappin’ Paradise

Almoneye's DoorTappin' Paradise Almoneye's Gaming Patreon: Paypal: Almoneye's Gaming Discord: Almoneye's Gaming Twitch: Almoneye's Gaming Facebook: Almoneye's Gaming Youtube: Download Now Track Showcase

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Motorland Mikawa

Motorland Mikawa 私の制作したmodに投げ銭ができます。 みなさんのサポートが励みになります。 よろしくお願いします ◆Donations◆ I need your support for keep making mods and hosting online server. If you would like to help and donate to me. It’d…

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Owara Circuit

Owara Circuit A mini circuit with a total length of 1,050m in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture. Only grip and drift driving is possible in Hokuriku. Hokuriku Race Sim Project Website Credits:…

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