Official Drift Servers!

Join our Assetto Corsa Drift servers, meet new friends, bang some doors, and have lots of fun!

Community Drift Events!

I am excited to announce that we will be hosting a community drift event on weekends. The event will run for a few hours each week and will feature multiple tracks, as well as a different car pack each week. Our goal is to bring people together and give everyone a chance to try out new and different cars and tracks.

Thanks to AlmoneyesGaming for hosting the server and streaming the event live. We encourage you to share this with any other groups you are a part of, and we hope to see everyone at the event. I will post on the day with links for everything.

Don’t miss out on the fun – we hope to see you there! Friday 6th @ 6PM EST!

Learn To Drift!

Learn how to drift using our Beginner servers, with easy to use cars, and big beautiful tracks to practice your drifting skills with others! 

Grow Your Skills

Join our more advanced servers, with competitive cars and tracks and take your skills to the next level. Compete and practice against some of the best drivers in the game! 

All The Latest Content!

We update our servers frequently with the latest car packs, and tracks. We are always expanding and growing with our users! 

Join us! Content Manager server invite.

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Alternatively, if you do not have Content Manager, you can find our servers by searching "Drift Server By VCO"

Why Join The VOSAN Drift Servers?

Car Packs & Tracks

We use a selection of car packs, from DB'z, World Drift Tour Street, Tsujigiri, DCGP, ACDFR and more! We also have a mixture of Competitive and Beginner tracks rotating the servers.

Custom Skins

We have a couple of Livery or Skin packs out for the DCGP2021 season car pack and for the World Drift Tour Street pack. Download them to look fresh on the track!

Skilled Community

Meet and drive with some of the best drivers in the sport. We always see fantastic driving on our server, get in there and enjoy it! 

24/7 Up-Time

Our servers are up 24/7 so you can play any time any day. You can count on our servers being there when you need them!

Community Driven

Here at VOSAN Community, we are all about growing the community. Join us as we grow and take over the drift scene! Meet like-minded people in the community.

Helpful Support Team

We are always just a message away, and if we are not able to reply instantly, we have a whole knowledge base in the works with information that might help solve your problems.

Join Us On Discord!

Join the vosan discord server, have your say on what cars and tracks are used, meet new people, make friends, find people to drift with, and get the latest news and information from VOSAN!