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DākuSide Pāndemic

DākuSide Pāndemic

The first and the only car pack with Pandem cars, realistic physics (thx to dwg <3), nice engine sounds and some weeb stuff!

Be sure to have #DākuSide or #DakuSide if you upload pictures or videos so we can like and comment. Thank you all for the love and support <3

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For modders
All cars are not encrypted. If you want to use my work I don’t mind but please put my name (Zutessu) in the credits. But this does not apply to my liveries – you may use them only with my permission.

If I used your work in car pack and didn’t put you in the credits, please DM me in Discord (zutessu#6542) and I will fix it.


Added 4 new cars
Mazda MX-5 Miata BN, SR20DET
Mazda MX-5 ND, 13B-REW
Mazda RX-7, 13B-REW
Mazda RX-7 “BOSS”, 3UZ-FE

Old cars changes
New suspension (VDC 3.0)
New sound (SCIBSOUND)
Tuned engine — Limiter increased to 8k RPM

New sound
Fixed suspension graphics bug

MX5 Miata:
New sound (Miguel Silva)
New engine (PY-VPTS)

New aroma model for old cars
Fixed too bright lights and high beams
Edited engine sounds volume
Added engine names in description and tags
Fixed onboard cams for some cars
Edited refractions for old cars
New ambient shadows

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Car Showcase

Take a look at the car before you download with these in-game photos!