Extreme Drift Nations

(EDN) Extreme Drift Nations, a Brazilian event that brings together pilots from all over the world.

The EDN Project comes from the MTA, the famous GTA Online
But it started to take on a big proportion when it arrived at LFS Live For Speed, there we got together with some friends and we decided to further leverage the project within the Game, EDN. Several championships were held with records of participating pilots and at the same time some soukoukai/drift day editions.
It took a while, everyone decided to go to Assetto Corsa, and today we are here, when we were still at LFS, we received several invitations for our event to be held in AC. And here we are, the EDN – Extreme Drift Nations project is constantly growing within the assetto corsa
I believe that our event always takes on a very large proportion due to the fact that we charge ourselves a lot and want to do things very professionally, we always try to bring something unique and very well done. All our events have registration records, especially in this new season of the Brazilian championship that will start this year 2022, there are already more than 101 riders registered in less than 2 weeks. Follow this whole project on our social media.


Portugues BRAZIL

Street / PRO
We don’t have a standard to enter, you need to be over 16 or under with parental permission.
pt: Não temos um padrão para entrar, precisa ser maior de 16anos ou menor com autorização dos pais.
Free for all
pt: Livre para todos
FREE Soukoukai
Paid Championship
pt: Soukoukai GRÁTIS
Campeonato pago
For any event that is held, it is only allowed to enter championships or other events while registration is open.
pt: Para qualquer evento que seja realizado, só é permitido entrar nos campeonatos ou outros eventos enquanto as inscrições estiverem abertas.
All our events have prizes such as: Trophies, t-shirts, gifts and money.
pt: Todos os nossos eventos contam com prêmios como: Troféus, camisetas, brindes e dinheiro.
All our events are streamed LIVE on our YouTube/Facebook channel.
pt: Todos os nossos eventos são transmitidos AO VIVO em nosso canal no YouTube/Facebook.
Yes, all our events can use their own skin.
Sim, todos os nossos eventos podem usar sua própria skin.

All EDN Tracks

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