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Toyota Chaser K-X100 ‘BHP’

Toyota Chaser K-X100 'BHP'

Toyota Chaser X100 Tourer V K-Swapped

Extra A = Air Bags (Down)
Extra B = Air Bags (Up)
Extra C = Angel Eyes Color (Specific for each skin)
Extra Light = RGB UnderGlow (Turns On w/ Headlights)

-Android Auto
-Air Bags
-RGB UnderGlow
-Warning Lights *CEL, Oil, Bat*
-3 Fuel Maps *93 Octane, E85 & Race Gas*

-K24A2 RBB
-AP2 S2000 Transmission
-JSP Billet Adapter Plate
-KPRO v4 w/ Immobilizer Delete
-Garrett Turbo
-External Tial Wastegate
-ARC Front Mount Intercooler (old ACMP)
-Welded Diff

-Blitz 03 at the front (Street Heroes)
-Gram Lights 57DR at the rear (Aidens)
-Front Bash Bar (ACMP – Rolling Smoke Designs)
-UnderGlow (Berserk)
-Angel Eyes *Specific to each skins*

-AP2 S2000 Cluster **Fully Functional** (blackwood91)
-S2000 Enigne Start Button
-DEFI Gauge Boost **Fully Functional**
-DEFI Gauge Oil Press **Fully Functional**
-DEFI Gauge Oil Temp **Fully Functional**
-Recaro Seats **Different patterns for each skin**
-Pioneer Headunit w/ Android Auto (ACMP)
-K-Tuned style Shifter (ACMP – Louka | CKL)
-Air Freshener (ACMP – Louka | CKL)
-Laptop (ACMP – EL Kay)

-Fully Adjustable Coilovers
-Brembo Big Brake kit
-Dual Brembo Rear Calipers setup
-Modded Knuckles *Limited angle*

Physics: BubblesQc420
Animations: BubblesQc420
Tires: Kunos version 10
Base Model: Drift-Workshop & PIV


Intercooler: Old ACMP
Front Wheels: Street Heroes
Rear Wheels: Aidens
Front Bash Bar: Rolling Smoke Design
UnderGlow: BerserkAUS
S2K Cluster: blackwood91
Pioneer: ACMP
Shifter: Louka CKL
Laptop: EL Kay
Base Model: Drift-Workshop & PIV

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