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Evergreen Raceway V3


Evergreen Raceway V3

A real life track located in Drums, PA. This track was made for, and continues to be updated periodically for the Drift Evergreen guys and Sinister drift team.


Kenny Stuntz
Dave Roberts
Jason Roberts
Chris Schmall
Daniel Rodrigues (Drift Unity)
TSF Chapanese (Stupid Fast)
Reese Marin
Tommy Pickles
Gilly da Kid
Everyone from Evergreen

Evergreen Raceway V3 Updated on 18/05/2022!
Update includes the following:

-Fixed Tire Collisions
-Added Track Cam
-Pits Cam Fixed
-Now 28 Pits
-Building Materials Change
-Lots of aesthetic updates

Thanks for your support – 3NOON!

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