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Fuj1ma’s Drift Touge


Fuj1ma's Drift Touge

2 Layouts (Up-hill, Down-hill)
52 grid/pit spots
Separate road mesh
Dynamic racing groove
Working lights
Custom track map
KSLAYERS (less objects at lower details settings)

CSP Features:
GrassFX – 3D grass
RainFX – Wet track
Water Shader

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Contact me :
Discord : Fuj1ma#0829
Gmail :

Sorry for the delay, I was really busy with school. So I changed a few stuff, I fixed a lot of objects that had too many poly, I made a basic winter version (that’s why the file is way bigger), fixed I think all the scale problems and a few others stuff. Sorry I haven’t done the ai line for the two-way Traffic but it’s still coming. Also I tried fix the frame drop and I think it’s better, if you still encounter problems, please let me know the section where it’s happening.

Changed the size of the road
Fixed the scale of certain guard rail (Sadly not all but it’ll come)
Added more wall variety and others simple details
Update 0.9.6 :
Redone every guard rails
Changed the bridge and tunnel
Added 3D trees
Added track cameras
Fixed the scale of a few objects
Added a few other stuff

Track Showcase