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KartLand By Almoneye's Gaming

(Updated 11/01/2023) Minor fixes and updates: 

  • added a config file section for the walls to make them softer collisions.
  • I also adjusted the display screens, as when I loaded into the track yesterday they were just blown out white looking

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This track took me forever, but it’s finally here. Main track features:

  • 3 different layouts
  • Indoor – a small, tight go-kart track that starts inside and goes outside and back into the building on the first floor
  • Outdoor – a larger, wider track that was intended for go-karts also, but is big enough that you can drift it as well. Starts outside, goes around, up onto the bridge and into the second floor of the building and then back outside and down again.
  • Slick Track – I added a little oval slick track also, it’s pretty fun actually in some of the go-karts I tested.
  • 2 Live screens with multiple cameras that display as you drive the track
  • Animated smoke coming from the stacks in the distance

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