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Sinister Sanctuary

Sinister Sanctuary

The Third official Sinister United track. My new modded track for Assetto Corsa. After 51 different iterations working on the track I am finally finished! Not for the feint of heart but really rewarding if you get it right! Touge style fantasy Island track! Definitely my prettiest track! Pretty much ready to be released so the Download link will go live soon. We’ll be streaming the track release so keep an eye on our discord for that! Track

 Sinister Unity Discord –

Sinister AC Servers – Search “Sinister” in Server Browser.

These people and teams were a GIANT help in this process: SINISTER UNITED CLUTCH GANG STREETMAGIC StreetMagic Chewbaccah, Sinister mbcTomic, Aaron, Damon The Sinister United Beta-Testers, and anyone else who helped me make this track!