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Sunrise Circuit


90's GDSP Sunrise Circuit

Ultimate thanks to Alexi aka Noriyaro and Aotori for references support and photos to make this happen!

Modeling/texturing/lead: Sky Flight
AI/Replay Camera: Leonardo Rtafia
VAO: Euro
Encryption: Ilja (Custom Shaders Patch team)
Reference Support: Alexi aka Noriyaro, Aotori


– 3 Layouts (Tsukuruma Circuit, Driving Palette Nasu, and Sunrise Circuit freeroam)
– 6 Camera sets for Tsukuruma Circuit
– 2 Camera sets for Driving Palette Nasu
– GrassFX (Custom Shaders Patch)
– TA Timer on Tsukuruma and DP Nasu
– 90 Pits ultimate amount to fill up the parking lot!

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