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NVRLIFT VDC 3.0 Skin Pack

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NVRLIFT VDC 3.0 Skin Pack​

Mecha/Zone of the Enders themed skins (4K) by NVRLIFT for the VDC 3.0 pack:
Each skin has an alternative version, with neon added.

– VDC Nissan Silvia S15 Public 2JZ | Vic Viper
– VDC Shelby Mustang Super Snake Public | Jehuty

-VDC S14 | Alexander + Alt
-VDC S13 | Wildlift
-VDC R33 | Pendulum + Alt

Created by : solhesten


Car Skins Showcase

Take a look at the skins before you download with these in-game photos! 

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