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VOSAN Drift Team

Check out the Official VOSAN competitive drift team page to find all of the information about the team. 


You have questions. wE have answers.

Learn a little about VOSAN and what we do below. 

Who are VOSAN?

VOSAN is a brand dedicated to the growth of the e-sports Drifting community. Our goal is to help bring eyes to the sport, to the drivers, teams, events and everything in-between. 

We host a practice server for Drift Corner Grand Prix drivers and community. Following their competition season. 

We are building a library of Assetto Corsa drifting content so you can find everything you need in one place. Cars, Tracks, Events and more.  

What does VOSAN do?

Our goal at VOSAN is to create a hub for all things drifting in Assetto Corsa. A place for drivers to come share their media content, in-game modders to upload and share their creations such as Tracks and Cars. We also host a library of active drift events, so drivers can find an event that  suits them with ease. 

When was VOSAN founded?

VOSAN was founded in 2016. Over the years we have moved from one community to another. VOSAN was founded as a media network to help creators get the most out of their content. Now, VOSAN is focused on the Assetto Corsa drifting community. 

Can i upload my track(s) to VOSAN?

Yes you can upload your tracks and car packs to the VOSAN website to ensure the community gets eyes on your creation! As we are working on getting some forms together, please feel free to email us at: for more info. 

Does VOSAN Own the cars and Tracks here?

NO. VOSAN only serves a purpose of promoting and sharing the content created by the amazing modders in the Assetto Corsa community. We take absolutely no credit for any of the cars or tracks featured on our site. All credit goes to the original creators. If you see your mod on our site, contact us and we can make sure your content is seen by all. 

Why Do I See Ads?

We run ads on our site to help cover the running costs of this whole operation. Websites aren’t cheap. On top of that we offer a creator revenue system where the creators of the mods we promote and share can earn too! Contact us for further information into our early access creator platform. We appreciate your support. 

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Thanks a lot for these tracks appreciate more than you know. <3


Hello i send you a message just to show my support to your team thanks for all i download all my content on your website now, i’m very happy to see something like that appear. You are the best guys i don’t know how many you are but thx all. =)


By the way your site is great, most of my mods come from you guys so thank you.


Definitely a huge fan of the site 


I think a lot of people under estimate this site. It’s great and super easy to use!


Always get mods from here