ACDFR Car Pack 2022 We are pleased to introduce the brand new ACDFR Car Pack 2022. In the continuity of the previous 2021 pack, a lot of improvements were made. Indeed, even if the last pack was a great success, we fully considered the recent feedback, mostly related to the lack of grip and steering feedback. In that sense, the new 2022 ACDFR Pack is equipped with a complete reviewed tire, providing much more longitudinal and lateral grip, highly enhancing both controllability and performances. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to miss the very essence of our pack, focused on being as close as possible from reality. Our philosophy and vision may be quite different from other competitive car packs (which still remain excellent), but we hope this will be another point of view and taste, in this great Assetto Corsa community. As a little bonus, we decided to implement a standard ACDFR skin, that you can paint directly via the CM Showroom paintshop if you’d like to! We want to thank all the people who participated in this development, especially skin makers, such as Michal Benes, ThukThrogg, TheLiveryPlug and Olivmods, who kindly offered their precious help in several new paints. In addition, beta testers, Samuel Kuti, Samuel Mirandon, Lukas Pasquini, Guillaume d’Amour, Alex Ruest, Guillaume Bibeau, Roland Eck, Maxence Czechowicz, with their high support in giving feedback on physics proposed. Finally, our sponsors, Driftshop, Torque, Next Level Racing and Vosan who provided a warm support in our development communication. We hope that you will take as much pleasure as we do in driving those cars, and would like also to thank you, in supporting us so much and demonstrating such enthusiasm for our content year after year. Next Level Racing : DriftShop : Torque Drift School : Drift n’Fun : Like (0) Dislike (0)
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