ADL Elite Pro Pack The ADL Elite Pack is a professional competitive drifting pack that are meant to offer a realistic feeling from each chassis. Horsepower ranges from 870 to 1100 alongside a soft set of Valinos are sure to give you a one of a kind feeling! Be sure to catch us in the competitions hosted at the Assetto Drift League Discord! The pack comes with a semephore to start driver in a competition as well as a judging gate with animations to indicate a winner or an OMT, just use your extra options! All physics were heavily modified and fine tuned to the liking of the staff and some beta testers. Base physics vary, from VDC 3.0 data to older 2.0 VDC data. All models were created or paid for and edited by members of this community, all models have been encrypted in an attempt to protect all the work of the original creator and the work of those that have contributed to the model itself. We would like to thank everyone that was involved in making this pack possible. -Ramenpan, Riley.Drift, xXTimeFliesXx, Lester, MajCupCake, all of the original creators of purchased models and all of the beta testers!! Assetto Drift League Discord: Assetto Drift League Youtube: Assetto Drift League Instagram: Like (1) Dislike (0)
BMW E36 BMW E92 MUSTANG S197 CORVETTE C7 BLOWN LSX S13 S14 KOUKI S15 180SX ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE SUPRA A80 GT86 BRZ 370Z RX7 FD R34 HYUNDAI GENESIS Share this Car Pack Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Assetto Drift League Published on 24 Mar 2024
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