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BDB Street Style Pack

BDB Street Style Pack

We present to you the BDB Street Style car pack!!

We really hope you enjoy these cars, they have been in the works for quite a while now! Older models at this point but we’ve done our best to get them to close to today’s standards of mods!

Our BDB cars are modelled close to D1 Street Legal spec; 200-450hp range, angle kits, near full interiors, working lights, and of course we had to add some individual flare to each car!
Almost every skin has different parts and/or rims, some cars with full body kits, different style spoilers, animations and bright lights- so make sure to try your extra buttons!
The physics are tuned for a street style feel, but still open to adjustments and tire options to customize to your driving!

Below are 2 versions of the Street Style pack; our Main pack has all the extras and parts for the cars, our Lite pack has all extra parts removed for a better experience on lower end pc’s!

In our discord you will find in-depth descriptions, permissions, and individual download links for each car, you can also view these descriptions in the content tab of content manager!

All of our mods will be free and unencrypted!! We’ve built a great group of friends who all support free and open models, we look forward to working with them on some upcoming mods!
Feel free to use our models and parts, credits would be appreciated. If there is anything on the models that you would like credit for, or have any questions, please message BDB NotAdam or BDB ROADK1LL on discord.

We look forward to catching doors with you all!!

Main pack link:
Main pack alt link:

Lite pack link:
Lite pack alt link:


Special Thanks:
-Our lovely crew and beta testers ❤️
-SGM Workshop (parts & config pieces)
-Allan Weede / AC Autobody Industries (kits & parts)
-Akuma Workshop

For more details credits/ permissions see our discord and car descriptions in cm

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