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BDC Street Car Pack


BDC Tire Update Street:

Following up with more feedback as more people have driven the cars. I have to start off with saying thank you for at least giving them a go i know there are a lot of mods and not a lot of storage space for some people, and the feedback has been very helpful. With that being said we’ve added a few new sets of tires and took some away that weren’t as popular, with these new tires there is much more grip provided allowing for a much more aggressive driving style. I hope you enjoy the changes feel free to join the BDC Discord @

Thank you everyone

-BDC Street Spec v3.0-

-Update Includes
-New Tires
-Power Adjustments
-Android Auto
-Extra Options
-FFB Adjustments
-Weight Adjustments
-Setup Menu Changes
-Sound Fixes
-More Gear Ratios/Final Drives

With everyone being so supportive and downloading the pack right away, we were able to get a lot more play testing done much quicker. With that being said there were some issues that had come about. S14 had issues with windows and many people had complained of too little grip, so we have added another option for tires and went through all the cars in 1st person to make sure the windows had no issues, at least with our settings. In all honesty the new Nitto NT555 tires feel much better and have been moved to the default option, while still retaining the old tire compound. I’ve tried to make these cars drive as good neutral as possible with the stock tune with little adjustments needed. I appreciate everyones feedback and look forward to making these cars the best they can be for everyone to enjoy.

BDC Street Car Pack

This pack includes 7 street spec cars with moderate power and grip.
Easy to slide cars to get MAD doors with your buddies. It’s recommended
to run the cars with a stock tune to start then make adjustments accordingly. Massive thanks to all those who helped in the months of making this pack, and a special thanks to TurboCamry for the huge ammount of help and being a rad dude.

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