You are currently viewing BMW E36 beater pack by TIResArpi

BMW E36 beater pack by TIResArpi

base model by Wack
sound by Scibsound & ???
3d edit by TIResArpi
animations by TIResArpi
new textures and skins by TIResArpi
physics mod by TIResArpi
csp configs, wobbly objects by TIResArpi
chameleon skins by TIResArpi
parts from SGM, ACMP discord and Kunos


BMW E36 beater pack V2 by TIResArpi

V2 Updates
– 3 new tyres with different grip levels
– android auto paint app compatible body + front wheels

!! you need to download the app from MNBA Patreon !!

– wunderbaum air freshener ( different designs for each skin )
– new chameleon skins with colored tyre smoke
– fixed headlights
– 3rd car been added to the pack. Don`t take it seriously just have fun with it and pull some nice long wheeelies 😉

Extra A – foglight + ledbar
Extra B – interior light
Extra C – sunroof animation
Extra D – driver helmet on/off
Extra E – sunshade animation
Extra F – open glowbox ( small surprise in the glowbox )

– working wiper
– rain tires with lower grip
– AndroidAuto with broken screen
– turn signals and reverse light
– warning lights ( checkengine, abs, handbrake, headlights, highbeam)
– brake disc glow
– wobbly objects ( rear bumper, trunk, headlight, tow straps )
– shaking exhaust and gearstick
– dirty interior textures ( removable )

Showroom paintshop:
– body and damage skins
– front wheels
– suspension parts
– brakes
– front wheel nuts
– rear cage
– coil springs
– driver seat
– interior leather 2 options
– ceiling
– CSP license plate
Attached a folder with some files and a simple description how to remove the dirty textures from the interior, how to add new rear tyres, broken rear window, ledbar or how to fix the AndroidAuto’s screen.

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