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Curacao Car Pack

This update consists of more visual updates, new cars, better tires and many more Including: • New cars added + some removed • A few body kits have been reworked • Shader extensions, Refractions • Power and grip have been reworked • Car setup threshold increased • DWG tires • New gears

This update consists of different visual updates, sorted out bugs, new car, better tires, better gearing

– New car being -> CW Ricky 180sx
– Window stickers
– Updated interior for certain cars
– Fixed “Invalid setup” for some default setups and crash report
– Tsujigiri tires, Kenda KR20a, Comp tires
– New gear set with longer gear ratios for lower wheelspeed (ideally… more grip)
– Driver skins for the boiz


Curacao Car Pack

Version 1.2 -> Please delete the old version/ do a clean install if you already have an older version of the pack.

This Car Pack features a 1 on 1 replica of some of the baddest, raddest street + drift cars from our local island called Curaçao located in the Caribbean.
These cars are a 1 on 1 replica and we did our very best for them to feel as close as possible to the real life cars.

2 350Z
2 370Z
4 Nissan RPS13
1 Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki
1 Nissan Silvia S14.5
3 Nissan Silvia S15
1 Nissan Skyline R33
1 Toyota JZX100 Chaser
1 Lexus IS300
1 Mazda FD3S RX-7
1 BMW 325i E30

Promo Video: Spawn Studios
Build: SlideyCW
Physic + Data work: Chris Wiltowski, Dmitrii Alekseev, M9mentum, Rushandy
Tires: DWG
Skins: SlideyCW
Sounds: Emjayy, Vilau, Dian Smit, DMVC S15, DCGP E36, Gaya Factory, SCIBSOUND, SRP
The Bros: M9mentum, Rushandy, Ricky, Pastechi, J-Rebel for references, help and pointers

All the original creators of other parts can be found in the car description.

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