Excite! x Kuba Przygoński Car Pack Excite! Team has been working with the legend himself (Jakub Przygoński) @KubaPrzygonski on some cars for him and his community, we introduce you to some of, if not the best and highest quality cars, both model and physics wise AC has seen to date. Please enjoy our Excite! E-RPS13 and Excite! E46 M3. BACKUP DOWNLOAD HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BzPAVuimWBGBYy69Jk-GIWLPEwCmCRpB/view?usp=sharing We hope you enjoy these and we look forward to seeing videos/photos of you guys driving! REQUIREMENTS: Recommended CSP : 0.2.0 Lowest CSP : 0.1.79 Credits Base models - (Polyphony Digital) Conversion - (Penk / Pclipse / DRM5) Momo Mod. 07 - (Jakob Grun) AP Racing Brakes - (CGYIKES) Jap Plates - (RiZE, AEGIS) NRG Quick Release - (TMCharly) Toyo R888R - (Roman) Physics Base - Arch (Arch does NOT provide support for any issues since i've done edits to the geometry) Physics Edit - Penk Type X Kit - (Touge) Like (3) Dislike (0)
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