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KNM N LINE 208 Car Pack


KNM N LINE 208 Car Pack PART 1

The KNM N LINE 208 car pack, Official Public Release

These cars all run on KNM own in house physics hope you all enjoy.

Thankyou to everyone who helped with the carpack/s.

Thankyou to BennysGarage for supplying S13 and RX7
Thankyou to Jaskier for supplying the Jun Evo and R34 GTR
Thankyou to Lucas Mods for supplying the Itasha RX7 and Corolla
Thankyou to AssumedGuitar37/Tyler for the 400z
Thankyou to Bryce for the Stagea (coming)
Thankyou to Sa3od for the MW S15 V3
Thankyou to Sensei Sideways for the Aidens 1JZ S15
Thankyou to Nurrx for supplying the tyre mods

Latest Patch Update
Engine ini has been changed with limiters to stop people blowing up the motors during single player.
KNM Promo Liveries brought forward.

Cumstaing thanks to Nugget
Bennys RX7
Bennys S13

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