You are currently viewing KNM N LINE 208 Series V2 BETA Car Pack

KNM N LINE 208 Series V2 BETA Car Pack


KNM N LINE 208 Series V2 BETA Car Pack

Official Public Beta Pack Release:

Introducing our V2 update from the KNM N LINE 208 Series!

This is a 2 car beta pack to showcase what our V2 Series will look like.

The time for shit mods is over, you run the car how you want the details are there!

The power is in your hands! 

These cars ability for customisation is amazing please ensure that you have special extra options buttons assigned! “Settings/control/patch” as the removeable panels are on options A-D

Huge thankyou goes out to the guys who were involved in the making and creating of these cars! Special mentions to AssumedGuitar37 and the guys at No Sanity Garage you guys are Legends thankyou! Thankyou to Veloza for taking the time out to make the release video.

Finally please enjoy! KNM Development Team

Also check out @Veloza#1787 release video on Tiktok

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