SuperDriftUK Car Pack SuperDriftUK Car pack V1 release! All our socials are now in one place! Be sure to keep up to date as soon we will have some information about future events and a competition series! The cars have been designed around current UK style comp cars, all running 700hp. Big thanks to VDC for allowing us to use there 3.0 public data and 2.0 tyres. The cars have been tested and driven on lower temps that what is normally used so please read description of the cars for recommended settings. They have good side-bite and can be tuned more loosely or gripped up very easily. They may struggle on the longer/larger tracks but they was designed for UK tracks where there is not that many big tracks. Please enjoy the cars and feedback any issues that you notice. Thanks to the ASNG guys for a lot of testing and beta versions! and also the beta testers over the last week or so! Like (0) Dislike (0)
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