Zero Culture 240SX Collection Featuring 8 street drift cars from DWG with physics from Excite! to add more left-hand drive cars to your collection. The pack has 8 cars total including: - 3x "90s style" street drift cars with low horsepower (260-272) cars with 90s style tyres - 5x street drift cars with 352 hp This pack is intended to provide some more LHD options for people who like Excite physics. Like (1) Dislike (1)
_ZC '90S NISSAN 240SX _ZC '90S NISSAN 240SX S13 _ZC '90S NISSAN 240SX S14 _ZC NISSAN 240SX COUPE _ZC NISSAN 240SX COUPE MISSILE _ZC NISSAN 240SX COUPE SIL SWAP _ZC NISSAN 240SX HATCH _ZC NISSAN 240SX HATCH INGS Share this Car Pack Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Winters Published on 09 Apr 2024
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