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Aidens 1JZ S15


Aiden's 1JZ S15

WDTS Physics by Dmitrii A with VDC Inertia and tyres by Matt (Simulation Squad) –

Huge shoutout to void for doing the engine, suspension animation and lots of bug fixes and basically half the car. Go follow his ig: @tofu.fbx

Thanks to kaizo for being my guru. Go follow his ig: @thirdpedal_yt

Original base: Drift Workshop

Liveries: Sloot: ig @garage_sosa Mist: S&B:

Baka: ig @baqa8006

Also thanks to Justin:

Thanks to ACMP Thanks to @e1#0076 for the UI and the google drive link, as well as the screenshots. Subscribe to his YT:


If you are going to edit this car as a base, that is perfectly fine with me, just credit all of the people I have credited.
If you are going to use the 1JZ model, I would appreciate it if you let void know and credited him.
If you are wanting to sell the car, just be reasonable and make large changes. Do not sell for an unreasonable price and let me know before selling.

Post and screenshots by e1

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Aiden's 1JZ S15

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