Berserk Strawberry Face 180sx Berserk Strawberry Face 180sx SR20DET Underglow is bound to headlights! If you’re gonna take it, at least credit me. Thanks Android Auto EXTRA_A ADD DUCKBILL EXTRA_B ADD 326 POWER WING EXTRA_C OPEN HOOD – HAS UNDERHOOD ART EXTRA_D WINDOWS UP EXTRA_E PEACE SIGN EMOTE EXTRA_F REMOVE HOOD KNM PHYSICS WDTS TYRES Akuma Workshop 180sx Base ACMP Discord It’s not 100% perfect, wasn’t my intention. Just wanted it to be different, and for people to enjoy. Join my discord server and catch my door! Much love! Follow ya boy @berserkaus on TikTok Like (0) Dislike (0)
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