CSS Nissan 180sx Spirte Version: 1.0 The final 180sx iteration was released in August 1996 for the Japanese market. It had a revised front bumper, tail lights, 15-inch wheels and interior. The mechanical and safety package received minor changes, such as the addition of a driver�s side airbag, seat belt pre-tensioners, and some changes in the wiring and ECU. Three levels of 180SX were offered: Type X, Type S and Type R, with the Type S being the first 180SX to be offered without a turbocharged engine. The Type X and Type R both shared the same 205ps engine and overall mechanical package however the Type R lacked many of the cosmetic additions of the Type X such as the front lip, rear spoiler, side skirts, rear valence and 15-inch alloy wheels. - 1JZ Swap - Different Tyre Sets for Different Feelings (Drift, Cutup) - Spirte Kit - Ultra Realistic Drift Physics - Handbrake Animation - Gloss Body - Rainbow Body - Highbeams - Encrypted - Showroom Paintable - LOD's for Low-End Computers Join my discord: https://discord.gg/PyfNCmP55T Like (1) Dislike (0)
BHP:700 Share this Individual Car Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Sayrx Published on 10 Feb 2024
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