You are currently viewing DākuSide 180sx (Rewondered) Public Beta

DākuSide 180sx (Rewondered) Public Beta

DākuSide 180sx (Rewondered) Public Beta

Part of the soon to be released DākuSide 2.0 Carpack Rework.
Version Release: Individual Public Beta (1.0)

AO Mapping needs to be redone, thats why the Team Livery is the way it is.

Known Issues:
Refraction headlights
Adjustments in interior lights
AO map
Setup will need tweaking to your liking, will have a likeable default on Pack Release
If you find more please let us know in our discord so it can be fixed when updated! <3

Base: GT7 (Convert by AssumedGuitar @Fullmetalphotography)

Tow/Rims/Handbrake/Turbo: SGM

Bodykit: Unknown (Please Contact Us)

iPhone/Seat/Soda: Zutessu (@Zutessu)

Tribals In The “DākuSide” Livery And Photographer for Ad Pictures: ModsRus (@ModsRus)

Test Driver: Artix (@Artix.zs)

Infinity Taillights: Lucas Macedo



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