DākuSide PS13 Street Origin 2JZ-GTE VVTI Version: 1.0 2.0 Version Nissan PS13 Onevia Origin 2JZ-GTE VVTI 415whp 512Nm Original suspension geometry Tsujigiri/WDT Tyres Full adjustable suspension Full adjustable gear ratios LSD 2-way EXTRA_OPTION_A: HOOD UP UNDERGLOW (WHITE) BINDED TO HEADLIGHTS Discord – https://discord.gg/E5jar7NWK7 Twitter – https://twitter.com/DakuSideGarage Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dakuside/ Like (0) Dislike (0)
Share this Individual Car Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by DākuSide Published on 16 Feb 2023
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