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Dodge Charger 2019 Patrol Car

Dodge Charger 2019 Patrol Car

MPW Police Dodge Charger Patrol Car (2019) – Street/Drift Spec – 2022 Update
(Multiple, Pit menu selectable engine tuning modes)

Street/Standard – 501HP
Drift/Grunt – Adds more power low down for a very responsive feel
Pursuit – Custom power delivery for controlled pursuits (when its not fast enough without it)

Physics: MPW ColTeH
Skins: Brucektrain
Model: Brucektrain
Sound: MPW ColTeH (WIP)
Lights: MPW ColTeH / Brucektrain

(Recommend using SOL as your pp filter as some others may cause the lights to glare overly bright or tone shift)
(Light bar on CSP Options #1, Spot lights on Options #2)
(Uses the KERS System for the different tuning options)

Original Author: Brucektrain
Mash Potato Warriors
WDT Team (Tyres)

Disclaimer: The cars in my police pack are not meant to be hyper realistic, they are for FUN so enjoy them! & i look forward to seeing cool vidoes!
Please join my AC Modding discord if you encounter issues thanks!

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