Ford Taurus 2010 Unmarked MPW Police Ford Taurus Unmarked Patrol Car – Street/Drift Spec – 2022 Update Physics: MPW ColTeH Skins: Alexey Lysachkov Model: Alexey Lysachkov Sound: MPW ColTeH Lights: MPW ColTeH (Recommend using SOL as your pp filter as some others may cause the lights to glare overly bright or tone shift) (Light bar on CSP Options #1, Spot lights on Options #2) Credits: Original Author: Alexey Lysachkov Mash Potato Warriors WDT Team (Tyres) Disclaimer: The cars in my police pack are not meant to be hyper realistic, they are for FUN and made to survive YEETing so enjoy them! & i look forward to seeing cool vidoes! Please join my AC Modding discord if you encounter issues or want to chat Thanks! Like (0) Dislike (0)
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