FPSChee ProSpec F22 Eurofighter Version: 1.0 ProSpec BMW F22 Eurofighter ______________________________________________________________________ Specs : 953hp @ The Wheels -1095hp @ The Crank Shaft Mast Motorsports Dart 427. HolleyEFI 105mm Intake 13.5:1 compression Dart LS Next block Callies CCW billet crankshaft Carrillo connecting rods Diamond Racing pistons Total Steel AP steel rings Cam Motion camshaft Jesel .937″ DLC coated lifters Mast Motorsports Mozez Canted Valve cylinder heads titanium valves PAC Racing valve springs T&D Machine rocker arms Smith Brothers pushrods Dry Sump with Air Separator Marcella Manifolds 125mm throttle body Quaife QBE69G 6-speed sequential Winters Quickchange Diff Carbon Kevlar Eurofighter Kit Formula Drift GForce Lights Virtual Drift Championchip Tires ___________________________________________________________________________ Credits : Wheels &Tires - Jokah Design, CMRacing Custom Mirrors, Custom Hood, FD Lights + Extras - RLTC Bettershelf, XE Jimmie Calavano Livery - TheLiveryPlug Custom Sound -101creative Base Model - Turn 10 Studios (Forza) Converted by SSOfficially Physics - VDC Like (0) Dislike (0)
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