Mazda Rx-7 FD3S GatilKuala v1.0 Version: 1.0 Tested In CSP 0.1.76-preview92 , 0.1.76-preview136, 0.1.78-preview1, ,0.1.79-preview5, Encryption : Yes – Important!* Requires Latest Custom Shader Patch Version ! Nothing will work if you are not using CSP! Recommended version = 0.1.79-preview5 – EXTRAS; – EXTRA A = Interior lights – EXTRA B = Change Spoiler – EXTRA C = Doors – EXTRA D = Hood – EXTRA E = Sleepy Headlights – EXTRA F = Windows – To use these Features, through Content Manager, Settings-> Controls -> Patch -> ” Extra Option A, B, C, D, E, F ” You need to set the keys. Also, the car’s signals and wipers work smoothly. EN – For bugs and problems, you can report via Discord DM! @GatilKuala#7971 Like (0) Dislike (0)
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