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Nissan F240SX

Nissan F240SX

The F240SX is based on the nissan 240sx model from Simulation Squad, and from this mod kept the TE37 wheels, chassis base, taillights and interior in general. The bodykit designed by, was built adapting parts of Kunos’ Ferrari F40, keeping the scale and making the installation as realistic as possible. Therefore, the car has a cut-out front, and a fully tubular structure.
Physics in general is from the 180sx WDTS, with the exception of the gearbox and engine, which are from the F40, with less turbo pressure and the sound of an HKS blow off valve, which makes the Italian v8 sound a little more JDM. Thinking about the weight of the new engine, and to keep the mod equalized with the WDTS, I put the weight and tires of the WDTS Toyota Soarer.
The car has animations and other extra csp options like refraction of headlights and working wipers.

BHP: 405.
Torque: 472nm.
Weight: 1360kg.
Tyres: WDTS.
-Refracting Headlights
-custom paintings
-EXTRA A: Pop-up Highbeam.
-EXTRA B: Open Windows and sunroof.
-EXTRA C: Open hood.
-EXTRA D: Hide front bumper.
-EXTRA E: Hide Wing and rear bumper.
-EXTRA F: Hide hood.

Me 😀

Special thanks for ACMP comunity, I used some parts from their discord. Their discord:
Simulation Squad: 240sx hatch base model. Their facebook:
WDTS: Physics edited by me.
Kunos: Ferrari F40 model and Sound. Their site:

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