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Nissan Silvia S14A GatilKuala


Nissan Silvia S14A GatilKuala

Nissan Silvia S14A GatilKuala (v1.5)

Tested In CSP 0.1.76-preview92 , 0.1.76-preview136, 0.1.78-preview1, ,0.1.79-preview5,
Encryption : Yes

– Important!
Requires Latest Custom Shader Patch Version !
Nothing will work if you are not using CSP!
Recommended version = 0.1.79-preview5
If you want to play looking good, use pure, not sol.

If you want to get the best performance and the best graphics,
we recommend you to use it with our shared graphics settings!

– EXTRA A = Interior lights
– EXTRA B = American parking light
– EXTRA C = Change Spoiler
– EXTRA D = Hood

– To use these Features, through Content Manager,
Settings-> Controls -> Patch -> ” Extra Option A, B, C, D ” You need to set the keys.
Also, the car’s signals and wipers work smoothly.

– By edited ( GatilKuala )
(Textures, 3DParts, Extension, Carbon Parts, Convert, Interior, Physics, Animations)

– Base Model – Juiced 2
– İnterior – Turn10
– 3D Parts – LossTunes, Remco Versteeg, ACMP
– Sound – Amafmod
– Convert, 3D work – Trawa ( Silvia S14 Kouki D-Max )
– Front Lights, Brembo Caliper, Turbo Gauges – Nissan Silvia S14a (S2 – Wangan) – (trawa)
– Helpers – Yiğithan Makina , Yiğit Altunsoy (NGG), Erhanzen (MMPower)

– For bugs and problems, you can report via Discord DM! @GatilKuala#7971
– Hatalar, sorunlar, ve sorular için Discord DM yoluyla bana ulaşabilirsiniz!

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