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RX-7 BLS BN Sport CrazyDog

RX-7 BLS BN Sport CrazyDog

First of all, A huge thanks to Crazydog for helping on this project by sending me his stickers.

Base Model: Turn 10

3d Edited by: Ouhah
Some 3d parts: HDT
Steering wheel 3d Model: Baker Workshop

Extra B Options: Hood Animation
Animations: Pedals, Shifter, Handbrake

Physics come from VDC 3.0 RX7 Car pack, credits to them

I used Several interior parts and suspensions from High dimension team to make this build

Model is encrypted for some obvious reasons

Extra Options: Strobo lights, Hood Animations

Not a 1:1 Replica but made for fun for myself

I’m not a pro at 3d but I hope y’all will like the car

If anybody wan’ts to help me improve this mod I’d be grateful !

Discord: ouhah#5570

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