RxcerBoy's Liberty Walk BMW F82 M4 Here is the public release of my Legacy Tandems Liberty Walk BMW M4. Included with this is my default Tune I use for it on nearly every Comp track you can think of. When you download the car go into the folder and you will see a .ini file. Paste that file into C:\Users\(your user name)\Documents\Assetto Corsa\setups\racerboy_bmw_m4\generic so you can get the tune I have fully made myself to make this car slide perfectly in any track you want. If you need any help with this feel free to dm me and I will be more than happy to help. I would like to say thanks to: Titus drift (https://www.instagram.com/titus.drift) - for building the car and modifying the VDC E92 physics to support this car's weight and wheel base The Livery Plug (https://www.instagram.com/theliveryplug) - for making the beautiful livery on this car Killionaire (https://www.instagram.com/killionaire.ac) - for helping me with some extra fine tunes to the physics Legacy Tandems (https://www.instagram.com/legacy_tandems) - for assisting me with everything else I did for the car (strobes, underglow, interior lights etc.) Be sure to tag me if you make a video/clip with my car, you can find all the links to all my social media's here - https://linktr.ee/racerboy Like (1) Dislike (0)
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