SDS Nissan 180SX DZR Edition 23' Rocking the ZR1 V8 Engine. DZR Edition Custom kit. RPS13 Origin body frame. Rear bumper, rear lights and exhaust done by FG. By π•―Ξ”α–‡π“šπ’π’΅#0130 Overall fun & easy to drive. Double mode, Racing & Drifting. 0% Turbo = Race 50% Turbo = Race & Drift 100% Turbo = Drift Make sure to have fun alright? Sharing is caring. If you wanna change something on the car, do it, just leave some credits. New car coming soon! Like (0) Dislike (0)
Share this Individual Car Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by π•―Ξ”α–‡π“šπ’π’΅ Published on 10 Mar 2023
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