You are currently viewing SDS Nissan 350Z/RB v1.1

SDS Nissan 350Z/RB v1.1

SDS Nissan 350Z/RB v1.1 Final

Car is updated to final version, better sound, fixed handling

– Public Car 1 out of 6
– Wide body kit v2
– 2JZ Engine (High quality sound)
– 518 HP / 628 NM
– 1240 KG
– Rollcage, radio, steering wheel
– BBS/LM Wheels
– 2in1
– Version 1 is without spoiler
– Version 2 is with the spoiler and removed rear bumper (Experimental) !!!
– Multiple liveries



Freedom is key, enjoy the mod, have fun with it. Giving you all the permission to change the car to your liking, just leave some credits.

In case you wanna change the bodypaint, rollcage, rims, steering wheel and shifter knob color, there are called files (,, ( – flakes),

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