WRDZ Capt'n Jack's Galant WRDZ Capt’n Jack’s Galant Drift setup running DWG’s gt30 swapped sr20 CTRL’S and EXT: Greg Porter PHYSICS: William Roberts LIVERY: Mark @SicRipper Graphics MODEL CREDIT REMAINS WITH ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Lucas Macedo ACMP:Parts Thanks to everyone on the team here at the UDL, and a special thanks to the members of our community! Model credit remains with the original author: Lucas Macedo Please check us out on Facebook to see current updates, and upcoming releases!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/339277911308708/?ref=share_group_link Follow us on Instagram!!! https://instagram.com/universal_drift_lab Like (0) Dislike (0)
Share this Individual Car Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by WRDZ Published on 24 Jun 2023
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