Assetto Corsa Drift Tracks

Welcome to the VOSAN drift tracks page! Here, you’ll find all the drift tracks you could ever need in one convenient location. From the most popular tracks of today to the all-time classics, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for competitive tracks to hone your skills or just want to have some fun, you’ll find it all here at VOSAN Co. We offer a wide range of tracks for every type of drifter, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style. Start exploring our selection of drift tracks today and find the perfect one for your next race!

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Fun Tracks

Looking for some lighthearted racing fun? Our selection of fun tracks is just what you need! We define fun tracks as any track that is not a competitive layout, including touge roads, circuits, city streets, and more. These tracks are perfect for tandems with friends and offer a more relaxed and enjoyable racing experience. Narrow your search to just fun tracks and discover the thrill of racing on these unique and exciting tracks.

Competitive Tracks

Looking to put your drifting skills to the test? Our selection of Competitive tracks is just what you need! We define Competitive tracks as any circuit or street with a start and end marker and clipping zones. These tracks are perfect for intense, high-stakes racing and offer a true test of your drifting abilities. Narrow your search to just Competitive tracks and see how you measure up against the competition.

Most Popular Tracks January 2023