AKIYAMA fun FEELING EXTRA GENEROUS? SUPPORT MY SMALL KO-FI PAGE http://ko-fi.com/imoneh1t Sportsland Akiyama is a thrilling drift track that has been recreated in great detail by Onehit from the Roblox game “Solitary,” which was designed by Lowstar. The track features 16 turns, one of which is a challenging hairpin turn that will put drivers’ drifting abilities to the test. The track’s layout is designed to be beginner-friendly, with wider corners and enough straights to allow newcomers to get a feel for drifting. However, even experienced drivers will find plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills and push themselves to their limits. One of the most exciting aspects of Sportsland Akiyama is the need for precision and control while navigating its challenging turns. The track provides ample space to maneuver, allowing drivers to maintain their speed while executing drifts. Overall, Sportsland Akiyama is an impressive and fun drift track that offers a thrilling driving experience for drivers of all skill levels. With its challenging hairpin turn and technical sections, it’s the perfect place to test and improve your drifting skills. HASHTAGS TO USE ON THICKTOK OR AT ME @carxsideways0 #akiyamabyonehit #0neh1t #carxsideways STAYSAFE STAY SIDEWAYS [CREDITS] TRACK DESIGN- Lowstar TRACK MADE BY- 0neh1t TRACK PICTURES- Fizik Media, SebBruhh, Nova Media DRONE PILOT-Dialsfpv DRIVER- Cainvswrld TRUBLESHOOTING/GUIDANCE- Almoneys Gaming, 3noon Back up download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XcmaBAwK-DqsCeUIbdd3drJGcEPC0T0u/view?usp=share_link Like (0) Dislike (0)
Share this Track Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by 0neh1t Published on 09 May 2023
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