CG BASHLANDS 2024 fun Clutch Gang Presnts... BASHLANDS 2024 by CG YOSH PROMO VIDEO - Track features: 24 pits 3 tracks! Main, small and a long touge circuit Lighting FX Full rain FX with stream edge FX 3D Grass FX 3D Trees Multiple track cams including spline cams by dYouKnit Please visit the Clutch Gang Patreon for exlusive early access to awesome track and car content: To keep updated with Clutch Gang news and events please join the Discord: Video edited by: dYouKnit Music: Sauniks - Fly [AMV] Special thanks to the drivers: Scoobymeowglass - S15 CG Bakon - Alteza CG Yosh - S13 coupe dYouKnit - S13 missle EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO KUMADORI | CAM! with out Cams help the track never would have even been completed and some important details not fixed. Thank you for all your time Cam! Like (1) Dislike (0)
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