FCL DRIFT TEAM TRACK RELEASED! (3K MEMBERS) competitive welcome to our 2024 original track made by FCL DRIFT TEAM Track need CSP 1.80 and above to work _track include: -32 pits -2 layouts -Light FX -Rain FX -Grass FX -Ideal lines -track Cameras this track was made for our members since we used to give rewards in our discord server every time we reach +1K MEMBERS and to show our respect for all people who promoted us in their youtube videos from the beginning until this moment we gonna say thanks for all youtubers and forgive us if we forgot anyone : Sir Spats Gaming ROKI-TAMA GALEXIUM TUBZILLA Lukáš Engler Luka哥玩遊戲 BEINGY S2YBKI NICO MARKELA V3NOM1X7 HRCO 101 E30didi80 iceninja46 Stein Viterbo Fred BenZevo AFPCL Gameplay LaZy Boi Madgig11 ATR cams Xydte RC & SimRacing OsaQa27 ForzEx Brice Bmw The Gity FASTINKO Diesel_Boy_Modding AND big credit for VOSAN SITE for helping us promoting our work in their page https://discord.gg/jWfvzanKgP Like (1) Dislike (0)
Share this Track Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by FCL Drift Team Published on 24 Nov 2023
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