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Fort Curva

Fort Curva By DrZepto

Focusing on an A-to-B track design, my fourth custom track for Assetto Corsa is now available to download including Blender and source files (exclusive to

Fort Curva is a fictional British B-road touge-style A-to-B drift track. Featuring two track layouts, AI traffic, improved foliage, plus better textures and shaders, resulting in greater overall quality than my previous projects.

Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for further updates!

• 2 track layouts (Downhill and Uphill)
• AI traffic (works on both layouts – via CSP Traffic Planner)
– Instructions included and available here:
• 2.25km track length
• 32 Pits
• Track cameras for replays
• Grass FX
• Rain FX
• Lighting FX
• Handmade graffiti designs
• Improved and higher quality textures, alphas, and models
• Better material shaders
• And more!

Credits and source files available on my website:

• CSP 0.1.79+ (0.1.80+ for RainFX and other improvements)
• Sol 2.2.7

• Pure Graphics Mod
• Natural Mod PP Filter 19


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Track Showcase

Take a look at the track before you download with this in-game video!