Grove Falls Fun Grove Falls is named after a good buddy that broke his clavicle and has been bummed out lately, his last name is Grove lol. This place is very detailed, I spent a ton of time on this. Features: – forward and reverse layouts – track cams for each layout – grassFX – lightingFX – animated spinning billboard – lots of background detail images – animated flowing waterfall – track runs well in either direction and has the roundabout in the middle that you can also take to shorten the course or just change up the line – extra parking lot for a chill area/car meet looking at the waterfall – soundFX for the waterfall and tunnel – smokeFX around the waterfall to give it a better feel – I couldn’t figure out these new 3d treeFX stuff yet, so I just added my own 3d trees around for now, with 2d trees in the distance – ran the track through the VAO bakery. The VAO file is included in the track folder, you can either delete, leave it there or to do it the right way, move the vao.patch file to assettocorsa/extension/vao-patches Like (0) Dislike (0)
Share this Track Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Almoneyes Gaming Published on 17 Feb 2023
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