Hunter Park 2023 fun HUNTER PARK 2023 – by 3NOON & dYouKnit This map was originally made by ‘Ryan Shelton’ for R Factor 2 in 2014 and was ported to Assetto Corsa in 2015. Now 8 years later, thanks to the hard work and dedication of track builder ‘3NOON’ and the creative ideas and backend work of ‘dYouKnit’, Hunter Park has been invigorated with a fresh and stunning vibe this track deserves! A favorite drift track among many, this update features the original road layout with major visual updates including… *New road textures, New walls and fences *New Trees & 3D models *Grass FX & Dirt run-offs *Full rain FX including cascading water from object edges *Track lighting *A plethora of creative drone & stationary track camera sets (8!) perfect for easy video edits and 2 PC streamers! Working on an old exsiting track presented many challenges and hurdles! Huge credit to ‘3NOON’ for over coming these! This track has a smaller poly count than many popular tracks and has been well optimized. It won’t break the fps bank! Enjoy Hunter Park 2023! SPECAIL THANKS! to Master track builder ‘Cam’ from ‘Team Kumadori’ for finding our missing shadows! 😉 Cam makes sick tracks! Join the ‘Team kumadori discord for more info! Follow ‘3NOON’ on YouTube for in-depth assetto corsa track building tutorials and brilliant assetto corsa video edits! Follow ‘dYouKnit’ on YouTube for mad decent assetto corsa edits! Credits to: Ryan Shelton dYouKnit Cam Kumadori Like (0) Dislike (0)
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