Mission Raceway Park || British Columbia competitive 2023 public release of Mission Raceway Park! Nestled in the heart of Mission, BC, this phenomenal track plays host to a diverse range of motorsports, including drifting, road racing, drag racing, and motocross. Our collaboration with local auto enthusiast and owner of Augmented Racing, initially aimed to create an open drift layout and a straightforward open road course. However, when the Spec D layout was unveiled, we seized the opportunity to elevate the experience even further, crafting the brand-new layout for the 2023. This track, with a few additional feet strategically placed in a key section just like real life, offers a highly technical course that demands precision and keeps drivers on their toes. It's an exhilarating challenge that truly puts your driving skills to the test but is incredibly rewarding once mastered. Doubters of the simulation's real-world applicability should take note: Joseph (Augmented Racing), with only 11 months of in-real-life drifting experience, clinched an impressive 2nd place at Spec D, competing against seasoned drivers. Although he fell just short of securing his FD license, it stands as a remarkable testament to the impact of hard work and the simulation's contribution to real-world drifting—underscoring our aim of creating a true-to-life experience in the sim. A heartfelt shoutout to our dedicated supporters, especially those who have been with us since day one—your unwavering encouragement means the world to us! The future holds some exciting projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned for what's to come! Like (3) Dislike (0)
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