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Nagai Sakana

Nagai Sakana - Update 1.3

Focusing on a larger sized and greater number of starting pits, my third custom track for Assetto Corsa is now available to download including Blender and source files (exclusive to

Nagai Sakana, meaning ‘Long fish’ in Japanese, is a fictional drift track circuit located somewhere unknown in Japan. Featuring higher quality models, improved foliage meshes, plus better textures and shaders, resulting in overall greater quality than previous projects.

• 32 Pits
• GrassFX (Requires CSP)
• Remodelled trees and bushes to improve shadows
• Improved and higher quality textures, alphas, and models
• Blended edges along grass and track surfaces
• Multiple track routes
• Short touge route
• Background buildings, vehicles, and other details
• And more!

Feel free to give feedback or report bugs or for any other comments by contacting me on Discord: DrZepto#3795

Requires a copy of Assetto Corsa PC to play:

Also required:
• CSP 0.1.79+
• Sol 2.2.5

• Pure Graphics Mod (Paid)


Track Showcase

Take a look at the track before you download with these in-game photos! 

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