Pod's : The Pack 9 [AiO Track] n' FPV Park fun [9 Maps] - Klutch Kickers - ADC - Brooklyn Park - CTorretto - Drift Playground - PJ Edulian - Limerock - OTM Ted Bundy - Driftland Aussie - ADC - Kalahari - Ctorretto - Touge Circuit - TCL + 2 Comp Tracks - Ctorretto/TCL - 50 Pits - CSP Teleport File Included w/ Map - ExtraFX, WeatherFX, Lighting, Extended Physics, Night Time Glowing Textures - Replay Cams - DDS Textures to Allow GPU usage instead of CPU usage. - Developed LoD Adjustments to Facilitate High Consistant FPS Everywhere in VR. - Full FPV Tracks on Multiple Tracks That Go Same Direction As Cars. - All Connections Marked w/ Signs. - Anything Brick is Made by Me. - Track Textures are the Main Tracks. - Colored Map For Comfy Map w/ Color Coded Exit Roads These Tracks were Created and Put Together Because I was Tired of Changing My Server Around Constantly and Needed Something to keep us Drifting instead of waiting on me to load up new tracks and links. Like (2) Dislike (0)
Share this Track Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Podcast Primate Published on 22 Jul 2023
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